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Give Tyler, the Creator Radio Play

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Tyler, the Creator and many other members of the LA based rap collective, Odd Future are seen as very underrated in my eyes as well as in the eyes of their other supporters. Tyler, the Creator has almost always been known to challenge social/societal norms with his artistic talents. Not only does he possess the ability to write amazing lyrics but he also has quite a talent at production as well. Tyler has said some controversial things in his older songs, but many other artists that many consider "legends" did as well (think Biggie Smalls, N.W.A, etc.) I and many others believe that Tyler, the Creator's music as well as the music of other Odd Future members, is the music that should be played on the radio along with the other songs that we hear on the radio today and could be seen as a breath of fresh air for those who share the same feelings as myself. 

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