UOW Medicine Learning Centre - Enhancement Proposal

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While representing the student body at curriculum meetings, WUMSS has been approached by UOW medicine staff regarding a proposition to increase the number of study spaces within the Wollongong learning centre. The proposition, devised by curriculum staff in response to the increased demand of study spaces within the learning centre, reads as follows:

1)   Removal of the lounge spaces in the middle of the learning commons

2)   Removal of the row of ‘study tables’

3)   Replacement of empty space and row of ‘study tables’ with additional ‘study cubicles’

4)   Addition of electrical outlets (floor and walls) to increase laptop study availability

It’s important to note that this proposition was devised by the curriculum staff in hopes of advancing study for all students. The curriculum staff have been in discussions with the Dean about improving the learning centre, however before they make an actual ‘pitch’ they would like to gather student’s opinions on this proposed change.

Therefore, to allow current student to have their input on the proposed changes, WUMSS has devised a change.org petition:

  •  This petition is an opportunity to state whether you do or do not support the proposed changes (a brief rationale would be appreciated)
  • Responses are confidential (student number, but no names please)
  • This petition is not designed to whinge about our current study situation (as we all know how fortunate we are) but rather to comment about how additional study spaces and electrical outlets would optimise student study
  • This petition is optional, there is no requirement to sign and/or comment