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Jail and Community Service for the boys who laughed as the tortured a shark in Florida

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This is in regard to a video circulating the internet, where a group of individuals traveling at high speed on the water dragged a shark around and laughed at it's distress. This sociopathic behavior demands attention and prevention. Many feel that this act of violence is in fact a criminal act.

We as the people of Jupiter, FL and Palm Beach Gardens, FL summon man Michael Robert Wenzel, born June 07, 1996, and his accomplices in this video to 1,000 community service hours.  These 1,000 community service hours will be held under the supervision of The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 
They will use that time to teach these young men to treat our Florida wildlife with respect.

Scheduling may involve either 125 days lasting 8 hours long, or as determined by the FWC, given that it equals 1,000 hours and is completed within a year.
Wenzel and his accomplices will pay for any costs associated. This may include hiring outside trainers and educators, on-the-clock hours, gasoline expenses, etc.

We also demand that everyone in this video has their fishing licenses revoked permanently.

This is an ongoing document and may be amended in the future by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.   We the people also request that Florida lawmakers pass a bill making this kind of animal torture illegal.

We also request that these people be punished for their crimes of animal abuse. This punishment should consist of jail time in addition to community service.
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