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WTC heroes are being denied


Cite cancer as the main disease under Zadroga Compensation Bill.


Please take the time to read and sign the below petition, which is being directed to the Senate Committee of the United States of America.

Some medical examiner, John Howard came out earlier this week saying that WTC responders getting cancer is not related to the tragic events of that horrible day for our nation. With glass particles being found in the lungs of the afflicted—being mixed with other building toxicants-- and with full knowledge of the type of fiberglass/asbestos building insulation in the Twin Towers-- with the fact that the vast majority of the deaths already were attributed to cancer—I would say that John Howards statement is a gross misdiagnosis. 

This gross “misdiagnoses” will cause very sick people and their families with cancer not to be treated properly for their illness or compensated under the Zadroga Act. 

These are no ordinary citizens—they are the heroes of that day who stepped up for their nation in the best possible way—by serving others. Now in their hour of greatest need—their nation has turned their backs on them. 

In the times shortly thereafter the tragic events of 9/11, the nation was united like it never was before. People of all faiths, creeds, denominations and party affiliation just remembered that we were all Americans—which is how should always live as. 

We must always remember the brave sacrifice these heroes made trying to save other’s lives –and them trying to bring closure to the families who lost loved ones.

When we witness politically a motivated statement that would deny health compensation to these American heroes is truly sickening to the senses.

This is the United States of America—not some third world nation.

We are much better than this. Let’s prove who we are.

Thanking you all on behalf of the fallen and suffering,

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Edward Crown

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