Owen Wright to be the first SKULLET on the WSL CT

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Owen Wright is a professional surfer currently competing on the WSL Championship Tour.

A lot has happened to Owen over the last few years on tour after returning from a very heavy injury.  It has become apparent that a large amount of stress from becoming a new father as well as watching his mongrel younger brother's rise to fame has taken a significant toll on his hairline.

Owen's bald patch has gone from a thinly cut cross section of pepperoni to a full slice of Devon in very little time.... This has rocked his confidence in and out of the water.  

It seems there is only one option for thit former stud muffin. Owen needs to cut himself a SKULLET 

What's a SKULLET,  you ask?  It's a fuckin sick hair cut- bald at the front and long at the back. It's not too different to a mullet but way better for getting pitted and Heaps quicker down the line. This haircut will improve his surfing core level by at least 10 points. 

Come on guys!! Get on board and help this cunt become a skullet world champ.