URGENT, Iranian DV applicants need assistance before Sep 30

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Dear people of America,

We are the Iranians that have won the 2018 & 2019 Diversity Visa (Green Card Lottery), which have been unjustly refused visas because of the current travel ban that is in effect.
All visas have to be issued by September 30 or our chance is lost forever.
We had our interview and have been told by a Consular Officer that if the Travel Ban were not in place, you would have received your visa because you meet all of the other criteria. This emotional distress has led to severe depression and a host of other problems among us.
‏It is a one in a million chance of winning the DV lottery and moving to the United States which is a lifelong dream for us and that has been shattered by a discriminatory ban with no clear process in place for us to obtain guidance or answers to our questions.
‏Many of us have immediate family, job contracts, and US citizen sponsors in the United States, in which we could have been afforded a waiver. Instead, we were simply refused with no opportunity to submit a waiver request to have our file reviewed. Among over 3000 Iranian DV applicants, it is estimated that only around 20 waivers have been issued since the current presidential proclamation (travel ban) came into effect.
The truth is, the people of Iran are different from the Government. This travel ban punishes innocent people who love the United States and what it stands for. We are banned because of political issues between our governments.
We would greatly appreciate if you could help us, let our voice to be heard and make a difference in our lives.
We want to remind you that time is of the essence and this is urgent for us, because after September 30, 2018, our chance will be lost forever.

Diversity Visa Applicants