Stop the Rent Increases on Tenants of Metro @ Chinatown Senior Lofts!

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This petition is on behalf of Metro @ Chinatown Residents Organization (MACRO), the self organized tenant association of the Metro @ Chinatown Senior Lofts residents

To: WSH Management & Meta Housing Corporation

In the first week of July, tenants in the 120 units of the Metro @ Chinatown Senior Lofts were hit with an 8% rent increase beginning August 1, 2018. The 8% increase is on top of a 3% increase last year, the largest annual increase ever for this building. Located at 808 N Spring Street in Los Angeles, the Metro @ Chinatown Senior Lofts is billed as affordable senior housing and is subsidized by tax credits and loans provided by the government, including the Los Angeles Housing Department.

All of the tenants at Metro @ Chinatown Lofts are low-income. Most residents are elderly Chinese people and on fixed incomes, and many are disabled with limited options for living accommodations. The large rent increase came as a total surprise to the residents, especially as they were given only 30 days notice.

The new rental rates at Metro @ Chinatown Lofts are more than its residents can bear. Senior tenants moved into Metro @ Chinatown Lofts because it was marketed to active 55 and over individuals with low-incomes or fixed incomes. They believed it was a true low-income building that had rent stabilization.

Chinatown is the second lowest income area of Los Angeles. This building is many peoples’ last refuge before homelessness. This unacceptable rent increase will have unintended and harmful consequences on the residents.

Building residents have come together to seek relief from this illogical action and want this determination to be reversed:

No resident should have to move because they can’t afford the rent increase.

No rent increase should go into effect without 90 days notice.

An 8% annual increase is excessive and should be rolled back.

We, the undersigned, support the residents of the Metro @ Chinatown Senior Lofts and call on the owners and management of the building to respect the tenants’ legitimate demands.








*     租戶不能因付不起所漲的租金而被迫遷出。

*     漲租通知有效期為90日。

*     一年漲租8%太過分,應取消。