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WRONGLY BLAMED : House wives wrongly blamed for infertility, bearing a girl child and bringing HIV into the family

It is important as women, especially housewives in many developing countries suffer violence and torture because it is wrongly believed that they are the sole cause for 1. Not bearing children, 2. Giving birth to a girl child 3. Bringing HIV into the family. In some developing countries the mothers- in law force the husbands to discard/divorce such wives, unaware of the real reason behind these things happening. This campaign attempts to empower these victimized women, educate their mothers- in - law and husbands and others who blame these women for something they are mostly not responsible for.

What is the truth behind these three misconceptions?

1. Infertility ( the inability to bear children) occurs when there is a  problem in the female partner in 1/3rd of cases,a problem with the male partner in 1/3rd cases and a problem with both the partners in 1/3rd of cases. So there is no point in blaming the wife for this as is wrongly done. Moreover ethically the couple needs to go for investigations with a doctor instead of playing the blame game.

2. The sex of the baby does not depend on the mother. Women have XX chromosomes and men have XY chromosomes. The mother therefore can only contrinbute an X chromosometo the baby. If the father contributes an X chromosome through his sperm at the time of conception, this creates a girl baby. If the father contributes a Y chromosome through his sperm at the time of conception, this creates a boy baby. So blaming women for the sex of the baby and torturing them for that must stop. Ethically a girl baby is a gift and should be honoured by the family.

3. In most cases when HIV gets into a family, it is unlikely that it entered through the actions of a housewive. Housewives are mostly homebound and have sex only with their husbands all their lives.It is mostly the husbands who stray and either visit a sex worker or get involved in extra- marital relationships. So the in-laws and others especially in rural areas have to stop blaming housewives and ostracizing them wrongly for this. Some times in countries where there is a huge HIV burden, the AIDS widows are thrown out of the family as they are blamed and deprived of property rights.





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