Wrongful Conviction of Gabriel Leonard

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Our objection to bring awareness to the injustice so Gabriel can be granted another trial

In 2013, after dumping his former romantic partner, a white female, a dispute over reimbursement for his damaged property escalated into vengeful false accusations that resulted in a (4) Felony count wrongful conviction and 24 year sentence. Its been discovered that his pre-trial attorney, former public defender, Alice K. Wasson ESQ., (Mo Bar#56314) endeavored to enable his conviction stating, “If you had unlimited funds like -George Zimmerman- you’d get a better defense.”
Gabriel filed pleadings with judges Patrick W. Campbell and James D. Youngs to replace (Wasson) for lack of honesty, suspected evidence tampering and a long list of acts of professional misconduct. Despite him displaying physical proof of his claims, both judges – in essence – agreed with her socioeconomic and racially biased opinion; instructing him to: accept her unconstitutional representation ‘as is’, represent himself or find money for a private attorney. The single father, having lost his job and home from being held on a $75,000 cash only bond for (17) months, felt trapped and reluctantly choice self – representation.
Weeks before the trial, his supporters were finally able to make a down payment to attorney Daniel J. Ross who intern made an -in person- appearance the first day of trial requesting at additional (60) days to receive remaining legal fees and prepare the case properly. Judge Youngs promptly denied this request adding that if Ross was not fully retained and ready for trial by 2pm that same day, Gabriel would stand trial alone. This was Gabriel’s first request for continuance as an attorney; in comparison the prosecutors received (3) continuances spanning 17 months.
Since then, former public defender (Wasson) has been assessed a (2015) ‘Official Judgement’ and (2017) ‘Formal Violation’ for professional misconduct due to withholding favorable evidence  from - another black male defendant- in collaboration with a prosecutor. There’s sound reason to believe a pattern of unethical legal malpractice and blatant sabotage of her black male defendants’ cases exists; and this needs to be investigated! He is 8 years into this fight for freedom, Help Today!
“Falsehood is in abundance, it’s the Truth that must be diligently sought out.”
                      -Legal Scholars Opinions of Wrongful Convictions-


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