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Wrongful conviction by incompetent Justice System & sentenced to 88 years.

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I am looking for a pro bono lawyer to help my brother with his post-conviction petition.

I need help overturning my brothers wrongful conviction and 88-year sentence as a result of a dirty prosecutor who condoned the actions of officers when bringing charges against him.

Knowing full well that most if not all the evidence offered in support of the allegations was circumstantial, insubstantial and purchased with promises of leniency for individuals facing serious and indefensible charges. 

CASE: Investigate the wrongful conviction of AHFirst degree murder and sentence to 88 years of Jesse Alvarez. We the people are asking that he gets a new trial. The prosecutor Mark D. Stajdorj knowingly misled Jesses’ lawyer Liam Dixon and Judge Susan Boyles to believe the false statements of four supposed witnesses. The evidence was prepared by police and Detective Daryl Moore and obtained by Jesse in a FOIA request. The evidence can help support that Jesse did not commit the offense charged.

(Brady v. Maryland. ... Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963) was a landmark United States Supreme Court case that established that the prosecution must turn over all evidence that might exonerate the defendant (exculpatory evidence) to the defense.)

 CSI- Armondo Montejero destroyed exculpatory evidence, a knife that appeared to have blood (DNA) that could have put the actual perpetrator at the scene of the crime.  (CSI agent took pictures of the knife but never recovered it.

It was clearly established through the course of the trial that officers acted upon a rumor, preceded from there to fabricate a case against Jesse by soliciting and coercing non-credible witnesses who had alternative motives when choosing to cooperate and offered incentives for laced testimonies most of all of which were unsubstantiated and uncorroborated. 

The State condoned the action of these officers when it brought charges against Jesse knowing full well that most, if not all of the evidence offered in support of these allegations were circumstantial, insubstantial, and purchased with promises of leniency for individuals facing serious and indefensible charges. The purpose of a trial is not that the State prevails, but the substantiated facts be presented for the trier of fact to a certain the truth of the matter so that justice may prevail in the end.

We feel that the court also failed in upholding its sworn duty, to protect Jesse’s rights as the accused, when it failed to hold the State to its burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt. Substantial doubt was clearing established when it was shown during the course of the trial that the State provided no physical evidence to support its theory that Jesse perpetrated this crime. The victim has never positively identified Jesse as the assailant neither before trial nor during trial.

This case hinged on the testimony of individuals who at the time provided pretrial information and trial testimony were offered and accepted leniency in exchange for the testimony. We feel this created an indisputable amount of reasonable doubt. To add to that natural and biased witnesses offered descriptions of the assailant as testimony none of who described Jesse as the assailant. We feel that this further attested to the fact that a significant amount of doubt existed as a result of these proceedings.

·       Sammy S - immunity for murder, dismissed AH Murder, dismissed probation violations, paid for cooperation and was given probation for aggravated battery on an office.

·       Azial R. aka Ozzy - immunity for accessory to murder and 6 years at 50% for AH murder.

·       Sergio C., aka Choko, aka Chokolate - dismissed all probation violations and cleared his record.

·       Ebilo P. – gave testimony just get out of probation violation

·       Victim: Alexander C. - made statements about what people told him, that Jesse was the person who shot him

In closing we offer this; the system fails individual’s citizens and society as a whole when lackadaisical police officers attempt to compensate for inept police investigations, by using deceptive tactics like coercing witnesses and fabricating evidence to pin a charge on an individual solely because circumstances. Such as being a rival gang member, and an ex-felon provide opportunity for a reasonable chance of succeeding.

The victim deserves more than he has received because his true assailant as it seems would not be brought to justice.

Jesse and his family deserve more because he should have been afforded the benefit of the doubt, which was clearly established at trial. 

For more information please write to my brother:
Jesse Alvarez R7182
P.O. Box 1000
Menard, IL 62259

or Email us:


(In September 2010 after being picked up by detectives and refusing to talk with them my brother was charged with 5 counts of Attempted first degree murder, 2 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm and 1 count of armed violence (all class X felonies) and was held in custody with a bail of $500k.)


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