Wrongful/ False Accuser Registry

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It seems now more than ever, allegations of sexual assault and rape have (rightfully) become an important focal point in modern society. With the strength of the recent #metoo movement came also the strength from numerous people to come forward with deeply disturbing confessions against many influential individuals, like in the cases of Larry Nassar and Bill Cosby. The law has punished offenses like these in the past by investigating and sentencing criminals, as well as including their name in a federal registry. This registration is permanent in the individual’s record, and is published and available to the public for view. As a society, we still have a lot to learn about addressing these issues. Unfortunately, one of the issues of concern becoming more evident with the increasing amount of cases is the lack of “beyond a reasonable doubt” proof against the accused, as it has also occurred more frequently that the accuser is not always in the right, and the accused is wrongfully charged. There are numerous examples, but one can be referred to here: https://youtu.be/1TzTCWfiRew

Serious accusations brought upon anyone are damaging beyond repair to the suspected individual’s character and career, regardless of sex, race or religion, and should be handled with just as much severity when unfounded, unsupported, and untrue, therefore it is my proposal, and the proposal of those that sign this petition, that we begin to further criminalize false claims by starting a registry of wrongful accusers. The list proposed would permanently include persons who have been found wrongfully or falsely alleging serious accounts of wrongdoings, sexual or violent in nature, against anyone for any purpose. We who sign also ask that it be made lawful for those that are found to falsely claim such allegations serve a sentence equivalent to the sentence that would have been considered for the accused if supported by evidence in an investigation. It is our hope that by enforcing harsher punishments in these cases that we may retain and protect the legitimacy of truthful sexual assault claims while deterring the inappropriate and egregious labeling of an innocent person for life.