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Indian Government Showing Wrong population of Sikhs showing them as hindus .

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 Govt counts 110 million sikhs as hindus they are  different type of Sikhs

  • Whom living in poverty
  • They cleverly counts them as hindus as they don't wanna give more power to sikh religion language(Punjabi or Gurmukhi).
    As Jews have Hebrew.
  • And not social and economical,political benefits also




  • There  are 1 billion hindus as per census but actually they r 0.9 billion hindus.
  • 0.1 billion
  • They don't live in
    Himachal,Haryana,Punjab,Uttarakhand,J and K,Northern Rajasthan,UP,Bihar,Jharkhand,north east,tamil nadu,sikkim,goa,kerela,karnataka
  • They mostly live in scattered outlined from normal villages,cities,towns
  • In parts of Rajasthan,Gujarat,Chattisgarh,Hyderabad region.
  • In Orrisa,
  • Majority in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
  • They r sikhs from the time o 6th Guru and live according to them
  • After bigger Holocaust of sikhs by Ahmed Shah Abdaali in
    Majha region of Punjab
  • They not remembered by mainstream Sikhs
  • Media not talk about them whom controlled by manuvaadis,brahmans and hindus.

The literal translation of ‘Pachade’ is western or from the west. These are the Jatts who left Punjab probably around 1783-84 when the great ‘Chalisa’ famine hit North India and parts of Eastern Punjab. They share the gotra with Jatt Sikhs of East Punjab. Chahal, Sandhu, Gill, Dhariwal, Ghumman, Adait, Bidang, Grewal, Haraki, Brar, Tiwana, Dhillon, Aulakh, Sidhu, Litt, Dhaliwal, Deol, Randhawa, Bawa, Mann
Chahal and Gill form 20% of the population. They are mostly found in the western districts of Uttar Pradesh. There are about 400,000 of them and their biggest concentration is in the Moradabad district where some 785 villages are mostly populated by them. They belong to the Jat caste but are differentiated from the Hindu Jats of Western U.P. by their names 'Pachhade' (from the west) Jats as opposed to the Hindu Jats who are called Deswali (of this land - UP) Jats. According to the author of the Gazetteer of the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh (present U.P) writing in 1878, these tribes migrated about a hundred years ago into their present areas and settled there. The author also remarks that the language spoken by them is Punjabi and not Hindi.
Life style is very simple, most of them are farmers. Unlike Punjab youth don’t flaunt on Royal Enfield Bullets and jeeps due to limited resources. Very little show off.
Religion: 90 % of the people are registered as Hindus in the census but they all go to Gurdwaras. Even few marriages are conducted through Anand Karaj, in the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Paaths are very common and funerals are done as per Sikh tenants. Overall there is a lot of influence of Sikh religion. However, ladies do fasting as well. Marriages are done based on the caste and not religion. Sikhs can marry in Hindus. Hindus can marry into Sikhs families. There is only condition “both bride and grooms should be Pachhade Jats.” The marriages with local Jat (called deshwali jats) are very rare. There is a very little connection with Punjab. No one has even a single relative in Punjab
Full article & research by Akhil Singh Chahal


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