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Petitioning Premier of Alberta Alison Redford and 2 others

Write to the Prime Minister of Canada and Donate to Jessica Ernst's Landmark Fracking Lawsuit


Write to the Prime Minister of Canada and Donate to Jessica Ernst's Landmark Fracking Lawsuit

Petition by
Julie Ali


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    Ernst v. EnCana Corporation
    Landowner Jessica Ernst sues EnCana and Alberta government regulators over water contamination
  4. support Jessica Ernst send her all the money you can so that the federal government of Canada does not bankrupt her fracking lawsuit against Encana and the government of Alberta.

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Letter to
Premier of Alberta Alison Redford
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
Dear Mr. Harper,
I am writing to complain about the tactics of the federal government with reference to their recent decision to promote the Honourable Barbara L. Veldhuisin, the judge in the Jessica Ernst lawsuit against the Alberta Government and EnCana.

I feel that this promotion could have been delayed until the judge had made her decision in this case.

Instead, the federal government (in my opinion) promoted this judge and thereby ensured a delay in the judgement. This legal action appears to citizens to be an unvarnished attempt to intimidate Ms. Ernst and further increase the burden of her legal costs for this case.

This citizen has expressed the following impacts with reference to the lawsuit that the federal government has now added to with its heavy handed delaying tactic:

Veldhuis' abrupt departure could mean considerable added delay as well as additional costs of tens of thousands of dollars for landowner Jessica Ernst. The oil patch consultant has been waging her battle since 2005.
"This reappointment is not justice but another attempt to delay and exhaust the plaintiff," Ernst told The Tyee. "But I will not be dissuaded. Most people would give up now. But I'm defending truth and the future of water in this province and I will not quit."
"I've been bullied. My constitutional rights have been violated. The regulator even banished me. I've had the RCMP on my doorstep. But I won't be intimidated by the abuse of power," says Ernst.
Members of industry have verbally harassed and threatened Ernst. Someone threw one of her dogs under a train.


I am unimpressed by the federal government's interference in this case.

In addition I am unimpressed by the Alberta government's lack of responsibility with reference to the pollution of ground water by fracking.

When are we as citizens to receive the environmental oversight enjoyed by the USA which at least has an EPA that seems to investigate claims of groundwater contamination by fracking companies? In Canada there is no oversight by the federal government in this area as we have oil companies exempted from reporting the toxins present in the fracking cocktails to the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI).

Why is this? Why are there no baseline environmental assessments done of the air, land and water so that we can assess any contamination that may later occur?

What is the role of government--specifically the federal government in this matter of protecting the public health of citizens by protecting the environment? I would say it would be to ensure that first the fracking chemicals are reported to authorities without exceptions being made for proprietary materials, secondly that the fracking mixture have an unambiguous label so that any sort of seepage or pollution will be traceable back to the original operator, and finally that after the job is complete, that there be further and continuing sampling of the job site to ensure that indeed, the operator did not leave a toxic wasteland underground for our children to be poisoned by.

This landmark case by Ms. Ernst is required because the federal and provincial governments have abrogated their responsibilities toward the citizens of Canada and are now oil industry front men and women. We no longer have a government that we can trust. We have a government that will do anything it wants to get the outcomes it had decided it must have and damn the citizens and their health.

This type of totalitarian behavior is typical of brutal regimes in China and Africa but I had not expected to encounter it in Canada. I trust you all understand that repression of this sort does not have positive outcomes at future elections because law abiding citizens like myself will dissent every day and will work hard to elect a progressive government in that believes in democracy.

By your actions and the actions (or lack of them) by Ms. Redford, you have signaled to the citizens of Canada that we cannot depend on government to do the job that they were entrusted to do.

I urge you all to face up to your responsibilities especially in the area of fracking and the toxicity of the fracking cocktails used to contaminate our land and inevitably our ground water (if regulations are not in place).

If you all do not take proactive action now, water will be poisoned. And once water is poisoned, how will you make it drinking water again?


Julie Ali

I believe that Jessica Ernst is working hard on behalf of all Canadian citizens to protect our rights with reference to our land and water. Contamination of our property by fracking and oil companies is a public health hazard and should be regulated appropriately by the Alberta government and by the federal government of Canada. Both these entities have entirely failed their mandate in this area. Instead they are ensuring that costly delays will discourage her from continuing on with her legal suit.

I believe that such tactics as the recent one by the federal government in promoting the judge who oversees her case ---so that there would be further costly delays in her suit --- are a disgrace and an obvious delaying tactic. I encourage the government to realize that the citizens of Canada will not tolerate this sort of interference in the judiciary and that they must provide compensation if EnCana is found to have contaminated the drinking water of Ms. Ernst.

I also strongly suggest that the government at all levels regulate the toxic chemicals in the fracking cocktails used by the fracking companies, as well as provide unambiguous markers that can be traced to each company's fracking cocktails so that any pollution of the ground water is mapped and the offending company is liable for all damages.

We are determined that both the industry and government speedily implement regulations at a national level that will control the contamination of aquifers by fracking companies. If this is not done, further lawsuits are inevitable.