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Fellow "Animaniacs" fans and all other most assuredly still-living human beings who most certainly are widespread all throughout the entire most indubitably very great Planet Earth, please click on the links below this sentence and please read the description below them and you shall understand why the slogan for this particular petition shall be "Write Animaniacs Right," OK?

It has been announced that American SVOD (subscription video on demand) service Hulu has ordered two seasons of a series that shall serve as a continuation and/or reboot and/or revival of and/or a sequel to the second cartoon show that was produced by both Warner Bros. Animation and Amblin Entertainment during the "animation renaissance" that took place during the last two decades of the 20th Century, that show being the much-beloved "Animaniacs," and it has also been announced that original "Animaniacs" executive producer Steven Spielberg will also serve as an executive producer of this new "Animaniacs" series, and so will president of Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series Sam Register and the co-presidents of Amblin Television, Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey. However, the first episode of this new "Animaniacs" show most certainly is due to come on the air between two and three years from now, some time in the year 2020, and so said show most assuredly is still in its very early development stages. That just might be at least the primary reason why the details on who will be involved in the production of the new show most certainly are really sparse: Because very few people, at this time, know, for sure, which people besides Mr. Falvey, Mr. Frank, Mr. Register, (of course) Mr. Spielberg and the people who run Hulu, like its CEO, Mr. Randy Freer, and its SVP of content, Mr. Craig Erwich, actually will be involved in said production.

It most certainly would be a shame, as far as so many people are concerned, if this new "Animaniacs" series were to succeed in only appealing to little kids, preteens, and teenagers who were, at the very earliest, born in the year 2000, and therefore were to fail appeal to original fans of the original "Animaniacs" series who were born at the very latest in the 1990's (like myself, having been born in November of 1991), wouldn't it? I, personally, would prefer said new Animaniacs series to appeal to kids and grown-ups of all ages everywhere - at least all those who are still alive - regardless of where they come from and regardless of when they were born. During its original run from 1993 to 1998 (1993 to 1999 if you count the direct-to-video movie, "Wakko's Wish"), the original Animaniacs series and its characters came to be loved by so many people of different ages, and those people most certainly did include both kids and adults!

I, for one, most certainly do believe that the right way to at least start to create a revival, in animation, of the Animaniacs characters and franchise most indubitably must involve Mr. Spielberg both serving as at least one executive producer once again and hiring at least many former members of the production crews who worked on the original Animaniacs show and its direct-to-video movie, "Wakko's Wish," and most certainly are still alive to be at least part of the production crew of said revival. Those original Animaniacs production crew members who most certainly are still alive, aside from Mr. Spielberg, most certainly do include and most certainly are not necessarily limited to original Animaniacs series creator and showrunner, Mr. Tom Ruegger; his sons, Nathan (Nate, for short), Luke and Cody Ruegger, who each lent their voices to characters in the original series; original series director, producer, storyboard artist and animator Rich Arons; original series writer and story editor Randy Rogel; original series writer, story editor and voice actor Paul Rugg; original series writer, voice actress, producer and supervising story editor Sherri Stoner; original series writer and voice actor John P. McCann; and (of course) voice actors Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Frank Welker, Jeff Bennett, Maurice LaMarche, Jack Burns, Gail Matthius, Chuck McCann, Billy West, Jim Cummings, Corey Burton, John Mariano, Chick Vennera, David Kaufman, Bernadette Peters, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Brown, Arte Johnson, Peter Scolari, Tom Bodett, Laura Mooney, and Valri Bromfield. Other original Animaniacs production crew members who, I think, are still alive include director, storyboard artist, animation slugger and model designer Alfred Gimeno; writer Gordon Bressack; director and storyboard artist Charles Visser; writer and story editor Charles M. Howell IV; writer Nicholas Hollander; director, animator and model and prop designer Chris Brandt (a.k.a. Spike Brandt); and storyboard artist Tony Cervone. Of course, if other (including though not necessarily limited to newer and fresher) writers, producers, directors, artists, editors, voice actors and other different kinds of necessary production crew members who have not yet had any experience working with characters that Mr. Ruegger has at least helped bring to life (like the Animaniacs characters) prior to this year (2018) must inevitably be hired to work on the new Animaniacs show, then that surely would be OK, as long as they bear those who brought the original Animaniacs franchise and its characters to life no ill will, wish to pay them (those who brought the original Animaniacs franchise and its characters to life) no disrespect, and do not mind if they (the aforementioned hypothetical new Animaniacs production crew members) were joined on their new Animaniacs production team by at least some of said people who put together the original Animaniacs show and franchise. Voice director Kelly Ward most certainly could fit that category quite well, and he at least has experience working with Mr. Ruegger in the past, albeit at Disney rather than at Warner Bros., so far. I personally sure do believe that the team of writers, producers, directors, artists, editors, voice actors and other necessary production crew members that will put together the upcoming new Animaniacs cartoon series should consist of both people who have a history in those fields involving the characters and stories from the original Animaniacs series and franchise as well as people who may be new to the entertainment industry, especially if at least a certain amount of people who fit the latter category, no matter how old or young they are, happen to be die-hard fans of the original Animaniacs franchise and its characters. I most certainly also hope that I am most certainly not the only person who believes all of the above statements to be true. I myself, and hopefully many others, most certainly have believed for a long time (since at least 18 years ago) that even though the behavior displayed by the characters in the original Animaniacs series and its movie, "Wakko's Wish," may not be something that should be encouraged, there most certainly is something about said characters that people of all ages should still, even to this very day, find very appealing, interesting, remarkable, and special. As such, I most certainly do believe that it should be, for the sake of all current and future members of the Animaniacs franchise's possibly-still-growing fan-base, ensured that if the Animaniacs franchise is ever revived in any way, shape or form, the creation and production of that revival should be left in the hands of as many of the people who most certainly are, in as many ways possible, best for the job as there possibly can be, and I most certainly do feel that several of the people who at least helped bring the original Animaniacs characters and stories to life most certainly do fit that particular description very well, as do several die-hard Animaniacs fans who wish to offer their input and/or talents, especially those who were born in the 1980's and the 1990's (like me).

Let's reach out to the people who most certainly will be helping Mr. Spielberg bring the Animaniacs characters back to life, especially Mr. Erwich, Mr. Falvey, Mr. Frank and Mr. Register, and show them how much we Animaniacs fans most certainly do care about the Animaniacs franchise and how much we most certainly do feel that the future of said franchise would best be left in the hands of many people, with a very heavy emphasis on "many," who worked on the original Animaniacs series as well as many people who grew up watching and loving said original series and its characters and wish to treat said characters with as much respect as they truly deserve!

Pretty please?

Also, I most certainly do apologize if I've, in any way, shape or form, committed copyright infringement by setting up this petition.

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