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Write a letter to help transform the Powder River Basin into a clean energy capital.

From WildEarth Guardians:

Please Send Your Comments by August 23rd

It's time to get serious about saving the climate - and we don't have much time.

Right now, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is preparing to approve a proposal to strip mine more than 4 billion - that's right, billion - tons of coal from the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming.

Already, nearly 500 million tons of coal are stripped from the Powder River Basin each year, accounting for 42 percent of all coal used in American coal-burning power plants. Coal-burning power plants are the largest sources of carbon dioxide in the United States, which is why the new Powder River Basin proposal is a global warming disaster waiting to happen.

Excess carbon dioxide is fueling rising temperatures, which already threatens the wildlife, wild places, and wild rivers of the American West. Despite this, the Bureau of Land Management is preparing to approve the Powder River Basin's coal lease proposal that will release nearly 10.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide when burned - equal to the annual emissions from 2,100 coal-burning power plants.

Fortunately, before the Bureau of Land Management moves forward, we have an opportunity to state our support for clean energy and a healthy climate, instead of returning again and again to the same damaging fossil fuels.

By taking action and sending in your comments by August 23rd, you will help pressure the Bureau to start taking global warming seriously and can help transform the Powder River Basin into a clean energy capital, rather than a fossil fuel calamity.

Together, we can power past coal.


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