Bring back Altoid Sours

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Altoids Sours. You're five year old self is waiting in line at the local supermarket and you see that oh so familiar tin can. Your mouth waters at the thought of one of those hard, sour candies hitting your tastebuds. You plead to mom (or dad or whomever you call family) to let you have it, you've been such an obedient child after all. Imagine today what would happen if you were checking out at your local supermarket and you saw that circular tin container once again. It might not be the same supermarket you were in as a kid, rather it may be the one in the town in which you’re away at college, or one halfway across the country, in Cincinnati, where your job forced you to move. In coalesce with the assault of flavor, memories of a better day and age will come tumbling out; when hopes where high, your family still believed in you and more importantly, you still believed in yourself. So just as we once pleaded to our mom to let us enjoy the bliss that Altoids Sours brings, lets plead to allow ourselves and our posterity to enjoy the same pleasure, and be able to reminisce upon the simple moments of our childhoods. As a nation, this little tin of joy could allow us all to connect not only back to ourselves, but back to each other. Altoids Sours-the simple things in life deserve to be pleaded for.