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Make WPHS Bell Schedule Less Complicated

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After many minor alterations to the bell schedule late into the 2016-2017 school year, many thought things couldn't get any worse.

Now, they have.

The WPHS Administration recently released a video explaining the new bell schedule, and it is an absolute catastrophe, with a bunch of specific rules that only serve to further complicate transit between classes.

1) There are now 8 periods, but really only 7 because period 3 doesn't actually exist. This means period 3 is no longer every day, but only on silver days.

2) Period 3 has been replaced by an even split of what is essentially homeroom and a rotating period, which students must keep track of.

3) The order in which the homeroom and the rotating period occur also depends on which number day it is. Normally, homeroom comes first, followed by the rotating period. However, on days where the rotating period is 5, instead of simply sending people to period 5 for rotating period, and then letting them stay there for actual period 5, the schedule calls for the order to be swapped, with students going to 5th, then to homeroom, then back to 5th.

4) WT no longer exists, even though many students used it to spend time in classes and with people they normally wouldn't be able to as much/at all.

Dear WPHS Administration, this petition is intended to persuade you to revert the schedule to its original form, and make it far easier to work with. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

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