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Worthing Borough /West Sussex County Council: Do not to renew the NCP/NSL parking contracts


The current expensive parking is crippling our town and a renewal of the contracts with NSL and NCP will continue this problem well into the future. An alternative must be found. A full public consultation on any renewal should be held and community lead or Big Society alternatives considered. On a County level there must be true parking price equality from Chichester through to Brighton both on street (CPZ) and multi-storey.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Council Leader
    Paul Yallop
  • WSCC Democratic Services Manager
    Debbie Allman
  • WSCC County Councillor (West)
    John Livermore
  • WSCC County Councillor (Pier)
    James Doyle
  • Democratic Services
    Worthing Borough Council
  • Central Ward Councillor
    Charles James
  • Central Ward Councillor
    Michael Donin
  • Central Ward Councillor
    Vino Vinojan
  • Central Ward Councillor
    Clive Roberts
  • Central Ward Councillor
    David Chapman
  • Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport
    Pieter Montyn

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