Acknowledge Endometriosis As A Disability

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Endometriosis is a complex and very painful gynecological condition. This disease affects over 176 million women, possibly more because it often goes up to 10 years for a woman to be diagnosed. It is a very real and painful condition, with limited treatment options. There is no cure for Endometriosis and often leads to other health problems. Due to the treatments available, there are often side effects even years after taking the medicine, such as bone density loss, hair loss, softening of teeth, weight loss, chronic fatigue and many more, including depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.Another option for treatment, which is surgery, and the only way to definitively diagnose Endometriosis, often shows adhesions (meaning that organs are basically stuck together). Many women have to have multiple surgeries for Endometriosis, which of course leads to scar tissue, risks of infection, adhesions, cysts, and the removal again of Endometriosis which has to be excised or basically burnt off. Thousands of women are being led to believe a Hysterectomy is their only option, and desperate to be free of pain, have the surgery. They are led to believe this is a cure for Endometriosis. They are not well informed by doctors of the risks that are associated with the procedure, and the side effects of not having their reproductive organs. Risks include surgical menopause, fatigue, bone density loss, arthritis, osteoporosis, the chance of endometriosis spreading to other organs, including but not limited to the bowels, bladder, intestines and even the heart and brain, as well as many other ailments, all causing chronic pain. The last option, medications, often being narcotic painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication are usually the only chance a woman with Endometriosis has for any kind of pain relief and a chance at a semi normal day. Many of us are treated as drug seekers, when in reality we are seeking relief from the pain. We are mistreated at hospitals, by doctors, who are supposed to help. Most women with Endometriosis are on multiple medications for multiple reasons all caused by Endometriosis. There is a need for education on this disease, as well as for it to be recognized as a disability because of the severity of the disease, as well as the multiple diseases it leads to. I am one of the 176 million women, suffering with this disease for years before diagnosis. It has left me unable to work, unable to be the hard working woman I once was. Please help us women who suffer everyday. Recognize Endometriosis as what it is and does... Leaves us disabled, feeling hopeless, when there is no need to suffer. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign