Don't finance terrorism - put EMBARGO on turkish products

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Don't finance terrorism - put EMBARGO on Turkish products.

We appeal to the governments and the citizens of all the countries, who import goods from Turkey, especially to countries that maintain friendly ties with Armenia.

On September 27 Azerbaijan launched missile attacks along the entire line of contact with Artsakh targeting also the peaceful settlements, including the capital Stepanakert. Nowadays Artsakh is under attack by the Turkish-Azerbaijani alliance and terrorists involved (BBC, The Guardian, Reuters, Forbes, Al Jazeera etc published details, proves and facts of this involvement and the direct connection with Turkey). 

The Turkish military experts are fighting side by side with Azerbaijanis, who are using the Turkish weapons, including UAVs and warplanes. Meanwhile, Turkey provides full political and propaganda support to Azerbaijan at the highest level of its leadership. The military actions provoked by Azerbaijan with the support of Turkey are a gross violation of international law.

Saudi Arabia has officially banned Turkish products. It is time for the world to follow its example. 51.9% of products exported from Turkey were bought by importers in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Iraq, United States, France, Spain, Netherlands, Israel, Russia, Romania, United Arab Emirates.

Show that you care and want to stop terrorism.

The world needs your support. Please, sign this petition.