No Zoo for Mpumalanga!

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A new zoo, keeping wild animals captive in enclosures is opening in Nelspruit/Mbombela at the end of the year. Whilst the Kruger National Park is literally a 45 minutes drive away ......

It is said that the reason for this 'park' is for educational purposes?

They will keep tigers, white tigers, white lions and lions, a puma, a jaguar and wild dogs. The owners claim to have all permits in place.  The animals were born in captivity and was badly abused when they arrived at the facility. Their well being will come first, they claim. The application at the MTPA is still considered and the importance of a fair administrative process in this regard is empasised.

A wildlife park in this regard is allowed in accordance with the MTPA law of 2005.

The owner has produced an approved permit to the local newspaper that has been issued in July.

If you keep wild animals captive it takes away their freedom they are suppose to enjoy.  It is totally different if you have a rehabilitation center where animals are rehabilitated and then re-introduced into the wild.  This is not a rehabilitation center. It will be operated in a similar fashion as a zoo.  We as Lowvelders feel that the Kruger National Park offers a far better educational value to the public.

Please sign this petition if you agree that wildlife animals should roam in large parks such as the South African National Parks located all over South Africa, rather than being in a caged environment.