We Deserve Sustainable Palm Oil in to the marketplace!

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Palm oil is extremely versatile and a cheap healthy option for companies to use. This oil is in just about everything from shampoo to soda, bread to biofuels. But it causes mass deforestation to make room for palm oil plantations this in turn leads to endangerment of many species, it also greatly affect the plantation workers quality of life. But this oil can be farmed sustainably so that it no longer has a negative impact on people or the environment. most companies do not provide it’s costumes with the opportunity to shop for products made with sustainable palm oil because it is more expensive and many costumes don’t know about sustainabol palm oil so they don’t go out of there way. If we show theas businesses that we want this option in the marketplace then they will eventually use sustainable palm oil. If you would like to help me bring more sustainable products into the marketplace please fill out the information below and/or make a Instagram post under #consumeroptions. For more information go to https://www.rspo.org/



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