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Stop Production and Sending of Harmful Symbolic Adoption Kit Gifts

Don't you agree that conserving one natural species while polluting their environment contradicts the World Wildlife's mission "to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth" ?

With extensive research we found that the WWF's Symbolic Adoption Kit Gifts (i.e. the plush toy, certificate of adoption, gift bag, etc.) not only takes away from supporters' donation amounts but emits harmful chemicals and gases into the environment! For example, their plush toys are not only made with environmentally harmful chemicals but must be shipped from China, to California, to Washington D.C., and then finally to the kit's recipients, all along the way releasing destructive greenhouse gases into the environment!

Please help us in asking the WWF to terminate their adoption gift package and only offer donors electronic certificates for their donations in order to ensure that donations are TRULY contributing towards the CONSERVATION of our environment.

For more information on our findings please contact at us through our youtube page:

Thank you!

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