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Save the Sharks

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     All around the world sharks are getting killed for their fins. These fins are used for shark fin soup and some medical purposes.  After being finned, these sharks are thrown back into the water to bleed out or to die of starvation due to the loss of navigation sense.

Additional reasons for shark decline are:

  • Extreme hunting for food and to have more fishes: More than a million sharks are hunted each year
  •  Bycatching  when commercial Fishing: Sharks are being trapped in the fishing nets which can kill them
  • Poor regulations to protect them: Although laws are being made, these hunters are still able to hunt the sharks.
  • Misinformation : People do not understand the meaning of sharks in our lives and think of them as evil creatures that are harming us

Please sign our petition to spread awareness that Sharks are important for a healthy marine ecosystem. We need to improve our relationship with sharks. Also we urge World Wildlife Fund to prioritize saving sharks and to create sanctuaries to protect them.  

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