Save the Great White Sharks

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Hi! My name is Jakob Ruiz and I am a kindergartner at Edison Regional Gifted Center. I want to work to make sure that Great White Sharks are not hurt and are saved. Please help me as I try to help Great White Sharks stay alive forever!

Great white sharks are decreasing in numbers and are rare due to years of being hunted by man for fins and teeth, and often as a trophy for sport fishing. The white shark is often caught as bycatch by commercial fisheries and can also become entangled in meshes that protect beaches.

By signing this petition you agree to never hunt or do anything that will harm the Great White Shark.

I thank you for your help. I also am selling Great White Shark Adoption Kits and will send the money raised to the World Wildlife Fund to help keep Great White Sharks safe. Please call my mom if you would like a kit.