For a change, let the zoos go extinct, not the animals!

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They say, never to let a crisis go to a waste. With the unprecedented series of events set by the COVID-19 virus, Mother Earth has given us a chance to ponder over one thing of utmost importance - existence! 

How much of an irreversible damage have we caused to the planet? Have we actually learnt anything at all from all this? Or are we still going to continue on whatever crazy conquest there is, that has befallen on mankind?

Still, not everything is lost. We can still bring a change. Earth can still flourish.

This is THE time we have to reflect on our actions. Hence, it has got me wondering about one thing in particular - Why do we need zoos? Simple quesrion. Why can’t we work to end the zoo culture!?

Why can’t we be the generation that can set things right! Why can’t we be the generation whose grandchildren proudly call us as the “saviours”!

Mahatma Gandhi had said - Be the change you want to see in the world!

And hence, I sign this petition!

I am sure, you too will!