Not your entertainment- End The Dolphin Show In Lahore!

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There are a lot of reasons why its easy in Pakistan to do something without being held accountable. A) There are no strict laws. B) General Public is not mostly aware of the situation and C) Authorities don't give a shit! The Dolphin Show has been happening for a month now everyday except Mondays. 

The show itself may seem very innocent but there is a lot of concealed cruelty involved. The Dolphins and other animals for starters are transported from one place to another in small tanks, usually smaller than their own size. Since Dolphins communicate through echo location, being in a small swimming pool meant for humans and not animals disrupts their natural communication system and these are only SOME examples. 

Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures, they can be trained easily but the training usually involves cruelty such as performers getting on their snouts and treating them like surf boards. There other animals at the show (Seals, beluga whales) as well that go through the same kind of cruelty. I believe unethical practices and inhumane treatment of animals should completely be banned and that only happen if everyone joins together and asks for change.