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We need a World Wide Memorial day to remember those who lost their lives to Domestic, Sexual Abuse, human trafficking, torture.

Leaders of our Nations around the world....For The Survivors, Victims of Abuse, Sexual Violence, human trafficking, torture who suffer through out our world. This is a global crisis, crimes against humanity, against victims basic human rights.
We need a world wide memorial day to remember those who lost their lives, children and adults. An epidemic of abuse has seen so many suffer, loose their lives needlessly. We need change now...NO MORE.

A change has to begin, Governments world wide have to unite to combat sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, abuse, torture, human trafficking.

There are global issues, major  public health issues, a violation of peoples, children's human rights. Our nations children, adults are now suffering an epidemic of Abuse.

Please be an Advocate, join the fight, to end Abuse in all forms world wide, help save a life, with every single persons support change can happen, it takes Nations to make that change. Please Help do that NOW. By signing this petition you have shown that you give a DAM, there is no reason in the world why you wouldn't, other than not giving a DAM about victims, survivors of abuse.

Abuse comes in many shades and forms 50 shades of abuse

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  • For The Survivors, Victims of Abuse, Sexual Violence suffer through out our world.We need change now

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