Stop China Pollution

Stop China Pollution

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Stop China Pollution создал(а) эту петицию, адресованную World Steel Association

By the time you finish reading this text, tens of thousands of plants in China will have died and one underground lake will have been poisoned. By the end of today, seven and a half thousand Chinese citizens will have died from cancer. One in ten will be a child. These are shocking statistics.

China is experiencing an industrial boom. A strong industrial development is contributing to unprecedented economic growth. In 2017, China became the country with the most billionaires in the world. However despite this, the people of this country have an enormous price to pay. Irresponsible industrialists have turned the Celestial Empire’s beautiful and unique nature into a smog-poisoned hell.

The concentration of harmful substances in the air is five times higher than the legal level permitted, in at least two-thirds of Chinese cities. This is shocking. 75% of rivers and lakes and 90% of groundwater are contaminated to such an extent, that the water is not suitable even for watering plants; this is not to mention the fact that drinking this water is deadly. The water is contaminated with phenols, cyanide, mercury and arsenic compounds.

China’s population is literally dying from cancer. According to the WHO, the chance of dying of cancer in China is at a shocking 13.5%, which is far higher than other developed countries.

The environmental impact, challenges and subsequent disaster in China is so enormous, that today it no longer relates solely to  this country or the Asian continent as a whole. The Chinese industry is contaminating the marine environment of the whole world with its metal production waste.  Greenhouse gas emissions are leading to water reservoirs drying out and glaciers melting. China's carbon emissions,  which contributes massively to global warming, exceed 28%.

The situation with land resources is even worse. The Chinese government has a record of the actual soil contamination levels however  such data is a state secret, the violation of which is punishable by death. Environmental activists investigating the issue are being harassed and arrested and this is wrong. Leaders of mass protests against pollution in the cities of Shifang and Dalian have been rounded up by the People's Armed Police Force and all they are trying to do is save the planet

We unite groups of environmentally concerned activists to wage combat on heavy smog in Chinese cities, stop non-controlled pollution of water and soil from the wastes generated by the heavy industry facilities and give a chance to the whole China to find a way for a balanced development and green future.

We are certain that the environmental disaster facing China has not sprung out of nowhere. This is the consequence of actions and inactions of specific people whose business is built on willful disregard for the future of civilians not just in China, but across the planet. In 1967, China was responsible for just 2.1% of global steel production. By 2016, that percentage rose to 49.6%. The output from China’s aluminium industry rose even more quickly, from 11% in 2000 to 56.7% in 2016.

Those colossal production volumes from Chinese companies have already undermined the balance of the global economy. They could also soon provoke a worldwide environmental catastrophe. For decades, China has had the highest carbon footprint in the world. Their annual CO2 emissions exceed 10 billion tons, more than the US and Europe combined. And that’s just according to the official data.

Chinese metal companies carry out illegal production which does not even comply with their own country's low environmental standards. Experts estimate the illegal production volumes of three companies alone – Hongqiao, Xinfa and East Hope – accounts for 4 million tons a year. That’s as much as was produced in all of North America in 2017.

Eight people control China’s largest metals companies, and their outsized greed has already put China on the brink of an environmental disaster. Their production facilities pump huge quantities of harmful substances into the atmosphere. They drain toxic waste into rivers or bury it into the ground, right in the middle of farming and agricultural lands.

First and foremost, these are representatives of the Chinese steel industry. The following people are personally responsible for what is happening and they need to be stopped:

Zhang Shiping (China Hongqiao and Weiqiao Group)

Zhang Xuexin (Xinfa Group)

Shen Wenrong (Jiangsu Sha-Steel)

Liu Yongxing (East Hope)

Zhang Zhixiang (Jianlong Group)

Zeng Xiaoshan (Zengshi Group)

Han Jingyuan (Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel)

Dong Caiping (Zhongtian Iron and Steel)

We urge them to forgo short-term profits and to think about the future of all children around the world. It is possible to slow down the death-toll by taming appetites and decreasing aluminum and steel production in such an anti-green manner. This will be enough action to help China breathe more freely.

We appeal to international companies purchasing metals in China to encourage them to reduce the consumption of environmentally harmful products. It is a cold-hard fact that this will save the life of our planet and the health of all its inhabitants, including you and me.

We also call on the World Steel Association, which lists taking care of human health and safety as one of its goals, conducting a large-scale investigation of the environmental impact of metal production in China whilst closing its headquarters in Beijing during the investigation.

The international community needs to tackle the problem of pollution in the PRC right now, before it is too late. The environmental disaster in China is a problem for the whole of humanity and we cannot emphasise enough how by not protecting our world, the end of civilization is in sight.

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Когда эта петиция соберет 7 500 подписей, вероятнее всего на нее отреагирует кто-то, кто сможет повлиять на решение этого вопроса!