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To Keep Windsurfing m/w as events at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

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Srs. of World Sailing’s Events Committee,

For us who defend the permanence of Windsurfing as a m/w event at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, it is very important to be sure that the members of the Events Committee who will decide via e-voting now in January are properly provided with all the information and updates on today's Windsurfing. So this group of people can make a decision that is fair and contributes to the growth of Sailing sport.
Windsurfing, it is now mature enough and has a wide range of alternatives to meet the demands placed on it in exchange for its permanence as an Olympic event.
As long as there is space, time and goodwill, the leaders and representatives of Windsurfing can help this committee to find the necessary solutions.
What is at stake, we suppose it is an update of the Olympic equipment and the format of its competitions.
As far as the equipment is concerned, we have Neil Pryde Company at our disposal who would surely make all the necessary effort to meet new requirements. There are still other renowned manufacturers who could also compete with these solutions.
As for new formats the RSX class has already tested several in the last two years.
What is very important for us is that we do not lose all the work and investment that was made in Windsurfing around the world.
Today we have installed training facilities on almost every continent. Just in África there is still room for the sport to settle in and grow.
Through the Techno 293 class the sport has become very popular. Let's take South America as an example. 10 years ago, Windsurfing was limited to Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, with a few representatives from Venezuela, Colombia and Chile. Today, thanks to a great effort, Peru has entered this axis and already has sailors who stand out in international events. Chile is mounting its Techno fleet and in a few years will also have a good level fleet. Along with all this effort of National Authorities, clubs and families is our main jewel, the young sailors who aspire to be able to represent their countries at the Olympic Games. This is the main motivational spring of Windsurfing and what we want to defend.
Oh can not forget, there is today the foil frenzy, yes Windsurfing can also meet this news, all manufacturers are already advanced and testing their models in competitions.
In other words, Srs of the Event Committee, Windsurfing it is not a plan, it has a ready and complete package to meet the requirements of World Sailing. We just do not want all that work already done to go to waste.
We are sure that the Sailing sport depends on Windsurfing and will expand its borders with the maintenance of its Olympic status.

Raul Pasqualin (BRA)

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