There is NO World Rugby without Pacific Island Nations or Players!


There is NO World Rugby without Pacific Island Nations or Players!

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John Loau started this petition to Bill Beaumont (Chairman World Rugby) and

This petition is to register our disgust and anger at World Rugby’s continued divisiveness and arrogance towards our Pacific Island Nations & our Players.  World Rugby fails to acknowledge this proposed format not only ignores the most exciting players in the sport, but according to their proposal, locks out our Pacific Island Nations as well as others for 10-12 years! 

World Rugby’s dictatorial decision makers, have created a new “proposed” international competition that excludes Pacific Island Nations & their Players.  No consultation with the various rugby players associations or input from anywhere else or other nations, the roster of teams released for this competition lays out World Rugby’s desire to drive their own profits on the backs of our Pacific Island Players and our nations.  Let’s be clear. This was all about MONEY for World Rugby.  NZ Herald Sports writer, Greg Paul article: “Don’t be deceived by World Rugby’s Truth Spinning,” lays out World Rugby ‘Having been caught red-handed with their fingers in the till…’


Now more than ever, #StandwithPacificRugbyPlayers and together tell World Rugby, “NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!.” It is NOT acceptable for World Rugby to continue to be disrespectful towards the Pacific Island Nations who have for decades, shaped and moulded Rugby into the financial powerhouse they seek to cash in on!  The arrogance and unprofessional attitude towards our nations STOPS NOW.  Our Pacific Island Nations will NOT continue to be used as farms and talent funnels for the Tier 1 Nations, who continue to cash in and profit from our talents!

TODAY, we stand together and demand RESPECT, RECOGNITION and more importantly DEMAND of World Rugby our Pacific Island Nations be treated as EQUALS!

Our people’s contribution to the sport over decades has not only been GREAT but is UNDENIABLE!  Our unique style, flair and excitement is reflected throughout the rosters of many of the Tier 1 Nations TODAY.  Yet World Rugby and Tier 1 Nations have used their influence and rules to deliberately gerrymander the process to their benefit, and suppress any tangible & meaningful development, and growth for the island nations!

Our stand is not just for our Pacific Island Nations, our stand is for the other nations locked out of this tournament, purely for the financial benefit of Tier 1 Nations!

PRPW Director Dan Leo says, “I’d find it hard to believe that Pacific Island teams will turn up for the World Cup know that we are being screwed over.”

CoFounder of MMT & Tonga Rugby League Will Ilolahia says, “Story Rugby Racism.” 

Meanwhile, other sports code figures such as Geoff Brown President of Ruby League Samoa says, “we stand united & together with our Pacific Island Nations, and the other nations who miss out because the old boys club is protecting their wallets.” “We stand with the people and the petition!”

In Europe, Georgia has been left out!  Georgia Rugby President Gocha Svanidze openly takes a swipe at World Rugby saying, they “were shocked by the development and this idea is UNACCEPTABLE.”

#StandWithPacificRugbyPlayers #StandUpPacific #StandUpTier2 #WorldRugby

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This petition made change with 19,935 supporters!

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