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Requests concerning WG's treatment of players' accounts following the War games testing

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Within the Wargaming Group Limited's World of Tanks game (EU servers), War games testing has been launched on Sunday evening April 09, 2017.

Amid an error made by the WG stuff, large amount of gold (WG's in game currency) has been mistakenly distributed to the World of Tanks players, who has participated in the event.

After realising the mistake in gold distribution, Wargaming has decided to suspend all accounts which have been participated in the War Games event.

After unlocking certain number of accounts, players have reported missing in-game goods and gold due to WG's inconsistent method of fixing their own mistake.

Certain number of accounts are still being suspended. Such undertaken aggressive measures by WG, we consider as disrespecting and humiliating toward the people playing this game for years and keeping it alive.

[ REQUESTS UPDATED  - April 16, 2017]

Hence, something has to be done by WG.

1. We want all the accounts to be unlocked. [Done]

2. We want all the accounts to be in the state before the War Games Fail. [Withdrawn]

3. We want all the rewards we have earned in the War Games event. For the players and for the clans. [Done]

4. We want proper compensation for everything that happened. [Done]

5. We want to freeze the Global Map until this thing is completely over. [Withdrawn]

6. We want compensation for not being able to play Clan Wars and Strongholds for 2 days. [Done]

[Request added]:

7. We want justice for all players missing gold, silver and other in-game goods they had in moment before the War games testing ended. We request from WG to return back the exact amount of any of these.



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