World peace and unity

World peace and unity

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Started by Samriddha Sarkar

Today all of our future is threatened by the world war mongering situation that is pointing to our doorstep and that has already consumed Ukraine and its innocent people. 

Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin is participating in the war against Ukraine to destroy the lives and culture of its people. This war can only bring death and misery to our lives by borrowing our loved ones , destroying our heritage and demanding our future. 

'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere' as once told by Martin Luther King Jr. So we together in every capacity should rise to demand world peace by marching in the streets of our cities, supporting the souls of Ukraine and mourning for the fallen ones. 

We need help from our schools and every institution that supports knowledge and wisdom to spark the fire of peace among us. 

We will not be silent untill we are given the future that we dream of and we will protest for our dreams in every capacity. 

Sign this peace petition for world peace and we together shall make this world a better place .

43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!