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Stop the South African Government From Lying

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April 25, 2013, 1:00 AM (South African Time)
To the good people of the world,
who are world leaders of conscience;
and to world leaders of Governments
of nations, and their diplomatic representatives;
particularly to President Xi Jin Ping
of China, as well as to Zhang Gao Li,
Jia Qing Lin, Liu Yan Dong, and to
the Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou
and to loyal opposition leader
Tsai Ing-wen; and to the Prime
Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong,
and to the President of Singapore,
Tony Tan Keng Yam,
as well as to US
Secretary of State John Kerry and
to Chinese-American leaders including
Nancy Chang and Steve Chen:
WE, THE UNDERSIGNED whose names are affixed to the
electronic and paper copies of this petition:
We challenge the conscience of the Chinese residents of

South Africa, as well as President Xi of China and

President Ma of Taiwan and loyal opposition leader
Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan , as well as Prime Minister Lee

and President Tan of Singapore;  to repudiate the currish,

scurrilous offer of the Zumapartheid regime of South Africa,

which has used the powers of government to declare that

Chinese people "are black people".
This mendacious and obviously false order is an insult to the

intelligence of the general public and to any person with

common sense.
The order is a piece of skulduggery decreed by the

Zumapartheid government of South Africa (named for the

ANC president of the country).
This decree was hatched not only in order to derive

coveted trade privileges from China and other nations

with a large Chinese background component by conferring

special privileges on Chinese people who live in or visit

South Africa, but also to emphasize the

second-class status of White, Coloured and other Asian groups

in South Africa, and to confirm the genocidal policy of

We, the undersigned, call upon the good

Chinese residents of South Africa,
both those born in Africa and those recently emigrating to

Africa from Asia and other parts of the world, to boycott the

poisonous and insane decree of the Zumapartheid government,

based on the wisdom quoted in the Inaugural
Address of US President John F. Kennedy:

"Those who seek to ride the back
of the tiger often end up inside."
We also call upon the governments of China, Taiwan,

Singapore, and the other ASEAN nations to repudiate this

currish, villainous and coyly deceitful offer by the

Zumapartheid government - and frankly, an offer that is not only

corrupting, but insulting to a people who have a tendency to

value the truth.
This move by the Zumapartheid government of South Africa

is clearly reminiscent of Hitler's conferring of "honorary Aryan"

status on the people of Japan - an "honor"
which was at the same time a crude and backhanded insult

and which was
done basically for the same reasons -

to promote an agenda of genocide
and of purposeless, baseless, aggressive and

violent warfare against innocents.

We, the undersigned, people of honor and conscience,

call upon the world community and particularly Chinese

political leaders of China and Taiwan
to repudiate the vocabulary of violence and distortion of truth

by the one-party Government of South Africa;

a government increasingly disrespectful
of its own Constitution and of international standards of

human rights and plain decency - a Government which is

complicit in the genocidal violence against over 100,000

South Africans and the dispossession of millions
more; a Government which aids and abets such

violence and thievery
by its own verbiage.
Furthermore, we call upon all good people to repudiate

the recent foul and hostile language of the South African

government, which promotes obscene hate-songs such as

"Kill the Boer", and which uses vocabulary
which deems white South Africans and white Zimbabweans

as "settlers" and "colonialists" in their own land,

a land which they and their ancestors were born into as
law-abiding citizens who built the country and who

provide many benefits to all of Africa and to the entire

African economy south of the equator; a land
of which it can be said these white residents who are

natives of South Africa, Zimbabwe and neighboring countries

have never known any other home,
and that they belong right where they are and should be

unmolested, respected and protected by law 
by the Governments of these countries and treated as

first-class citizens
no less than anyone else.
We, the undersigned, call upon all officials, educators,

teachers and religious ministers who have been complicit

in 21st century new-pattern apartheid
in South Africa to resign, and to throw themselves

upon the mercy of the
World Court.
We also call upon the World Court to compose a

tribunal to investigate the genocidal level of and genocidal

motives for violence in South Africa, as
perpetrated against all peaceful and law-abiding

individuals who reside in
or are visiting South Africa.
Very truly yours,
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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