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HELP African Albinos #HelpAfricanAlbinos

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Petition for Heads of State and Government, World Leaders, Religious Leaders, and International Organizations.

Africa is the cradle of humanity and its population is the most vulnerable in the world.

In many African countries, thousands of people with albinism are considered unearthly beings; they are discriminated against, harassed and persecuted because of the colour of their skin. They live in isolation, in extreme poverty and, because of the scorching equatorial sun, have a maximum life expectancy of merely 30 years.

They are least among others. Let’s lend our voices to these human beings, the least among others, whose voices are unheeded. Let our voices be heard so that the living conditions of thousands of Africans with albinism, most of whom are children and teenagers, can have a decent future in their communities of origin, within their clans and their families.

By signing this petition we express our solidarity with Africans with albinism and urge World Leaders, Heads of State and Government, Religious Leaders and International Organizations, to stop ignoring these human beings, to support all activities that work to guarantee African albinos a dignified, safe life in their communities of origin, and to commit to eradicating prejudice and superstition through education and the promotion of culture, and providing health care.

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