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Boy Scouts of the Philippines started this petition to World Leaders

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that climate change is a big deal. As Scouts, we’re committed to finding a global solution because we know it's our duty to leave our world a little better than we found it.

From June to November this year, Scouts from across the world will take a stand in the effort for a better world and take action to reduce climate change. We’ll get hands-on to make a difference in our communities, use our voices to inspire decision-makers, and record our actions for the planet. 

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference (CoP26) later this year, a courageous group of Scouts will bring your actions and voices to decision-makers to show the world that Scouts are committed to the planet and ready to work together for a better world. 


#ScoutsPH Promise to the Planet


2. I WILL RESPECT ALL LIVING THINGS, BIG AND SMALL, and will strive to protect all species especially those that are endangered or threatened by extinction.

3. I WILL FOLLOW ALL ENVIRONMENT LAWS AND REGULATIONS and inspire my fellow Scouts to do the same.

4. I WILL HELP PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES by not polluting the air, soil, and water and by setting myself as an example in the proper waste disposal and advocating among my fellow Scouts and friends the act of recycling, reusing, and reducing waste.

5. I WILL HELP NURTURE ECOLOGICAL BALANCE by planting and nurturing trees and making sure that I will not be an instrument in the destruction of the country’s forest, wetlands, and coral reefs which are vital in sustaining the lives of animals and plants which are the links in the chain that supports life.

6. I WILL ACTIVELY SUPPORT GROUPS WHO ADVOCATE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and follow their lead to save planet earth from environmental degradation.

7. I WILL NOT SUPPORT COMPANIES who violate laws thus causing damage to the environment by not patronizing their products and by calling attention to their abuses.

8. I WILL LEAD THE CAMPAIGN TO CONSERVE ENERGY AT HOME, SCHOOL, AND OTHER PLACES by taking an active role in conserving water and electricity. This way, I will help conserve non-renewable resources such as fuels and minerals.

9. I WILL RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT WHEREVER I GO especially in places where I attend Scouting activities by taking nothing but pictures, leaving nothing but memories, and killing nothing but times.

10. I pray that with these promises, I will be able to inspire my fellow Scouts to do good turns daily in helping save the environment from destruction.

I am a Scout, I will do my best to help create a greener and better world.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!