Hear each mother’s voice, give peace to the planet, and stop military conflicts

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50 women from 20 countries took part in the Peace Hour action. They represent women’s communities of Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Zambia, Israel, Italy, Canada, China, Laos, Latvia, Mongolia, Turkey, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, France, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and South Africa.

Women expressed their unanimous opinion: peace and love in people’s hearts are necessary to make it possible for humanity to survive. Wars have no winners. They take lives and maim the souls of survivors. Participants of the Peace 50 community call upon all citizens of the planet to learn to accept all the differences among countries and peoples, thus making them a source of dialogue, not conflict.

Women’s mission is to give life. Give us the opportunity to follow our calling under peaceful skies without mourning the deaths of our children.

We call upon leaders from all over the world:

  • to review the decisions aimed at escalating aggression;
  • to do everything that depends on you to end ongoing military conflicts;
  • to formulate and propose initiatives aimed at preserving peace to your partners;
  • to use the unconditional desire for peace as the basis of your actions.