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Thanks/Merci/Danke for signing the Greater Toronto Declaration

Dear friends,

thank you for signing the Greater Toronto Declaration. Within 24 hours, we had reached 1500 signatures this morning, and are now rapidly moving towards 2000. Equally encouraging as the number of signatories were the many personal comments and stories; thank you to those who were able to share their thoughts. I secretly hope that we can exceed the success of the Great Barrington Declaration and reach 1 million signatures one day soon!

Please help us spread the word by sharing the full link or short link as much as possible. We heard already that some Facebook posts with the petition were censored; it may be advisable to share it in comments and responses on social media, rather than in standalone posts, and via direct messages.

For those in non-English speaking countries, I have two translations so far, which you can share as they include the link to the petition:
- La Déclaration du Greater Toronto en francais,
- Die Greater Toronto-Erklärung auf Deutsch,

One of the goals of the petition is to draw attention to the Canadian Covid Care Alliance's (CCCA) COVID-19 Declaration, an extensive analysis of the state of the pandemic, which is linked at the beginning of the petition. If you have not had a chance to read it, I recommend to take a look as it provides a lot of evidence around the controversial aspects of the virus/transmission, treatment options, and politics. More information about early treatment protocols, informed consent, adverse events from you-know-what, and many other topics are available on the CCCA's web site ( That organization, much like our group of original signatories, or the internationally better known PANDA ( argue with scientific facts, avoiding speculation. Whatever is at the root of this crisis, it is my firm belief that wading into anything that could be construed as a conspiracy theory won't help us find new allies or achieve change. There are enough hard facts showing the failure of the global pandemic response to convince anyone who would set aside their preconceptions and listen to us!

For additional background, I am a professor of geography with expertise in geospatial data analysis, visualization, and decision support. I have been blogging about the crisis at since March 2020 and packaged two dozen posts into two volumes of my "Coronoia" book series. I have also (co-)authored peer-reviewed articles on the rampant authoritarianism and on the misleading COVID maps in the mainstream media. In the spring of this year, the group of concerned Canadian academics that is behind this petition emerged and eventually named itself Canadian Academics for Covid Ethics, We have also written the "Letter to the Unvaccinated" that many of you will know, and several other pieces listed on the web site. Unfortunately, many group members are now busy fighting for their own jobs.

Through the platform I can access a list of signatory names and locations but no emails. I am sending this message through the "update your supporters" feature but am not currently planning to bother you with regular updates. Maybe there will be another message when we reach 5000 or 10000 supporters! If you need to get in touch with me, you can find me under my full name on the web and on LinkedIn, or as ClausR2020 on Twitter and Telegram.

With my very best wishes from Toronto/Wasaga Beach,
Claus Rinner

Canadian Academics for Covid Ethics
2 months ago