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Started by Vanessa Nakate

Sign the #CongoRainforest Petition to defund Deforestation of all forests in Africa. We need to protect the forests in Africa. 

The Congo rainforest is the second largest in the world and covers a total area of 1,780,000 km2.

This forest is under attack and it may be gone by 2100

But no one ever talks about it

It is located in Africa

These are the LUNGS OF AFRICA

Raise your voice to protect.

I am on my knees right now

Help us save the LUNGS of Africa

Help us fight for Africa

I can't do this alone

We need the Congo Rainforest

We need it to be talked about

It is in danger

Home to thousands of unique species of plants and animals.

The diverse array of wildlife species– including Elephants, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Rhinos, and countless others– are beloved around the world, but increasingly endangered.

There are also over 2000 species of orchids

Congo’s forest holds around 8% of the world’s forest-based carbon. 

The basin contains many different ecosystems, including several savanna forests, a coastal forest, three large lowland forests, and a swamp forest.

The ecosystems are collapsing!!


If nothing is done to defend the interests of Africa, the continent is at risk of paying very dearly for the effects of climate change as pointed out in the 2014 Report of the IPCC.

The bill will be higher for African countries

Our lives are in your hands

14,227 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!