#Climate Emergency – #AllinforClimateAction

#Climate Emergency – #AllinforClimateAction

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Ella McCrae started this petition to World Leaders and

The Climate is at a tipping point and today’s actions will determine tomorrow’s future. We have a Climate Emergency. The next years will go down in history because we will have either ruined or saved our planet. We are climate and environmental activists who want to solve the climate crisis at the international level. It is a global crisis, and needs a global response. And there is a unique opportunity coming: the Climate and SDG Summit in New York in September, where all world leaders convene. We are fed up with excuses and boring speeches. People are striking globally today and we’ll continue to make our voices heard in the run-up to September. We demand real action! And we demand it now!

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  1. Declare Climate Emergency as a way to educate the sleeping masses. And educate children to be excellent stewards of nature and to recognize their role in the global ecosystem and its health.  
  2. Immediately end all financing and support of fossil fuels and climate destruction. Remove fossil fuel subsidies and render it illegal for any bank, market, government or other lending institution to finance, trade or underwrite fossil projects, deforestation and climate destruction.
  3. Justly transition and transform the economy, including fossil fuel and climate destructive industries. Ensure that workers are at the heart of a transformation and respect the dignity of all work, paid and unpaid, for women and men.
  4. Allow renewable energy to flourish. Remove all impediments to renewable energy development and create financing programs to enable everyone to have access to clean, renewable power.
    Implement strong public transportation systems and no-emissions transport.
  5. Ensure that our food systems reinforce global life support systems. Promote low-impact nourishment -- low-carbon agricultural methods, less meat, more vegetarian and vegan foods and the elimination of food waste.
  6. Respect the lungs of the Earth. End deforestation and remove it from our production chains. Recognize the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities as stewards of their land.
    Reforest at a grand scale.
  7. Reenvision the role of nature in our world, countries and cities -- or of humanity’s role as part of nature.
  8. Drastically reduce consumption and implement strong plans for ecologically sustainable economies, including community-focused degrowth.
  9. Mandate circular and zero-waste economies.
    Implement robust adaptation plans for climate impacts, particularly for those most vulnerable.
  10. Engage in comprehensive planning to anticipate impacts and participate in global planning to counter these changes and adequately fund adaptation.

World leaders should no longer ignore tens of thousands on the streets. In the run up to September and the meeting of the powerful, we’ll mobilize internationally to get world leaders to take climate action! When leaders of the world unite in New York City in September, we will be there and we will deliver, the world’s most signed call-to-action! Until then, we are watching them carefully. We will not go down without a fight. We will keep rising until governments will act. And when September comes, we will be there!

I am only 13 yet I spend my free time writing letters and signing petitions that are ignored time and time again by our leaders. I shouldn't have to do this, but I was born into a world straight out of a dystopian future book - a world where we are killing ourselves, a world where 1000s of people are out on the streets protesting, a world where our governments are ignoring us. A world where petitions like these are crucial.

Please support our campaign and join us!  
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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!