World hunger and food wastage

World hunger and food wastage

2 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Akshatha pentyala

Hello readers,

We the acorns of Silver oaks school grade 6 are inquiring into a topic World hunger and food wastage.

Food wastage is global issue which is effecting a lot of people with hunger. Wastage of food often happens in our houses too. Because of this most of the needy people are suffering with hunger and also dying with diseases

When food is discarded it goes to the landfills, there it rots to produce Methane- a Greenhouse gas that is 28times much potent than Carbon dioxide and because of this the environment is also getting affected.

There are many to stop food wastage 

First of all we have to stop the wastage in our own houses

We can arrange a community fridge on the streets

We can donate food

We can stop the wastage done by us 

We can make posters to tell others


See !There are many ways to stop food wastage right. Aren't they enough to stop food wastage?


The only problem is that we don't follow them ,if we do ,it is gonna make a big change


We all believe that one single step can make a big change ,so if you follow these it will help the out the people there very much and if all of us do, it will make a big change

All the best !


Team World hunger and food wastage





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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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