To close Sterlite Cooper plant at tuticorin and to change Tamilnadu government

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Sterlite copper plant is a division of Vedanta group at Tuticorin, Tamilnadu. Due to improper maintenance, the toxic emmissions from this plant affects local People's health which caused Cancer to many people including Kids and babies. So people in that city and nearby villages made complaint to police and government. The plant has been shut by environmental control board twice and has been reopened by politicians after got bribe from the corporate. So finally people took on their own hands started protested peacefully.

99days they protested, govt doesnt care. But without any riots, they announced 144 rule in that place. Normally 144 wil announce if the place is under attack or have sever riot. People on 100th day want to march towards collector office to give petition. Collector instead of collecting petition, he vanished. People reached collector office. Police started attacked mob with the orders they got from government. 

Goverment does this for whom? The Vedanta group. 

They shot 13people dead and more than 100ppl got injured. This is against law and against rule. Still CM or PM doesnt care about this issue lied that the protest gone in riot way. 

This petition requires people to sign for the support of people in tuticorin against government and Vedanta. The humanrights has to take sever action against Indian government who allowed this action. And against TN government to step down. Also take severe action against entire tuticorin police.