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The 31st of May is the day known as the #WorldNoTobaccoDay, but the real problem isn't tobacco, it is its combustion. In fact, 

These are our 5 points of the Manifesto:

  1. Combustion is the cause of death for us smokers
  2. The problem with cigarettes isn't tobacco but its combustion
  3. It's better a potential alternative than a 100% guaranteed danger of death
  4. Promoting alternatives to combustion is a duty of the state and of the organisations in charge of protecting our health
  5. We want a plan from multinational corporations to stop producing cigarettes and only alternatives in the next five years

Dozens of independent studies have demonstrated that alternatives, like electronic cigarettes and tobacco heaters - in which no combustion occurs - reduce the harm of traditional cigarettes to up to 90%. The real solution is to stop smoking, but in any case the use of alternatives limits the carcinogenic action of cigarettes.

We cannot ignore well over 7 million avoidable deaths.

Lets stop burning our days!

Sign and share the petition!


Take a few minutes of your time to dive deeper into the subject:

The aim behind the #WorldNoTobaccoDay is to fight smoking, one of the first causes of death in the world.

But is it all tobacco's fault, or is it its combustion?

Tobacco is often demonised by public opinion because it is seen as the only one responsible.

In reality the real cause of death isn't tobacco or its dry leaves, it is its combustion.

When tobacco burns, temperatures in the combustion area range between 800° and 880°C.

The smoke of tobacco (in cigarettes and cigars) overall contains around 4000 different substances, that only develop during combustion. According to a few studies, among these 4000 burnt substances, there are around 70 with a carcinogenic action.

Nicotine is addictive, as are other unhealthy products and habits (coffee, junk food, alcohol, gambling) but it is not cancerous.

Sign our manifesto and let's save the life of millions of smokers: help us in this battle, let's stop smoking our days away.