Proposed Change in ICD (International Classification of Diseases) by WHO and DSM by APA.

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Currently only a few people who are brought to the attention of health care authorities are diagnosed with a symptom of "Losing touch with reality" or "Break from reality". Reality is a fuzzy concept, reality can certainly be determined by authorities but it requires careful and prolonged investigation and very often it is different from what it seems to be at first observation. Moreover, reality as such is not a thing which can be touched or lost contact with hands, its a mental concept about which people keep learning all the time as every moment is a new birth. Nobody is completely in touch with reality, if it were the case, there would be no new knowledge generation in the world which is clearly not the case. Also whenever one makes a mistake, one is losing touch with the reality and people make such mistakes everyday all the time, everyday everyone says or does things which are not in alignment with the reality. So, losing touch with reality and breaks from reality are very common phenomena found in all living beings.

So my assertion is that, due to the above stated reasons, everyone on the face of earth suffers from mini psychotic breaks and schizophrenia at the micro level, everyone has schizophrenia (to a varying degree) as everyone lies on a spectrum scale of the disease and reality at any given point of time. Hence it should be written hereafter in the International Classification of Diseases and Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that what we called as Schizophrenia in some people who have come under the attention of healthcare authorities and are stigmatized because of that, is actually a common occurrence with all the people and hence this diagnosis should be given to all by birth by default and hence a suitable antipsychotic carefully determined (with least side effect profile for the individual) from the trial and error starting in adolescence should be administered compulsarily at the maintenance dose for everyone. Everyone should have compulsory regular mental state examinations and the dosage and medication should be changed whenever the person starts to go too far from reality acutely or starts having hallucinations or delusions. 

I hereby request WHO and APA to make the above changes in ICD and DSM respectively. If the above assertion is accepted and if the asserted changes are made, it would solve a lot of troubles from cropping up in the world and the stigma that right now only a few people carry would also no longer be there.

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