Support the people of Iran in coronavirus crisis

Support the people of Iran in coronavirus crisis

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Lawyers for Democracy in Iran started this petition to World Health Organization

His Excellency Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, WHO

Avenue Appia 20,

1202 Genève,


March 07, 2020

Dear Dr. Adhanom Ghebreyesus,

Following the World Health Organization news briefing in March 5th over the latest developments of the coronavirus outbreak, we the undersigned an independent group of public health professionals,NGOs representatives and Human Rights Lawyers and Activists are writing to express our deep concern about the inept response of the Islamic Regime in Iran to handle the coronavirus crisis unfolding in Iran.

The WHO’s advice in news briefing for the countries effected by coronavirus outbreak such as Iran was that to combat the coronavirus crisis the countries not only need the whole government coordinated and comprehensive approach that engages the entire machinery of government but also need the international help, assistance and guidance.  

The WHO at the news briefing however expressed its concern about some governments “that have not taken this seriously enough” and sadly Iranian government is one of them and due to its own incompetency has failed to activate proper emergency plans through that whole government approach to educate the public promptly and adequately to protect themselves and others, increase the testing capacity, get the hospitals ready, ensure essential supplies are available, to provide proper training to the health workers to provide careful treatment and protect themselves from infection.

Iran is therefore fast becoming the new epicentre of the deadly novel coronavirus to the extent that according to the Reuters[1] the north-western Chinese province of Gansu reported 11 new confirmed coronavirus patients, all of whom entered China-the country where the outbreak originated-on commercial flights from Iran. 

The shocking reports from within Iran suggesting that Health Minister deliberately delayed the announcement of coronavirus outbreak until after the parliamentary election in February the 20th to avoid a low turnout of voters.

The most recent reports from within Iran also suggest that the regime is failed to find, isolate, and treat cases, and to trace every contact to change the trajectory of this epidemic.

According to Regime’s own state-run media and leaked information from the Health Ministry presently in Iran, a health mask that are mostly donated to Iran via WHO and other Intl-NGOs found their way into the black market and are sold 3-4 times higher than normal price.

The Media’s “Reports of the coronavirus infecting members of Iran’s establishment have angered Iranians, with some dismissing the infections as fake, and others accusing elites of monopolizing access to medical testing”.

Some religious clerics close to the Regime during the epidemic announced that the shrines, including the Masumeh shrine in Qom the epicentre of the coronavirus crisis, have divine powers that can cure diseases including coronavirus and while some protective measures have been taken- such as disinfecting shrines - there hasn't been an outright closure of the sites where millions of people from all over the country visit the shrines every year for the purpose of pilgrim where they spend many days praying near them, or kissing and touching them.

Please note that BBC conducted an independent enquiry by querying "Iranian hospitals one by one," which the finding shows 210 fatalities on 28 February while the official number for the day was 34. The same report also suggests that "there were several thousand infections either undetected or unacknowledged."

A separate report from within Iran confirms that the Iranian Regime has arrested the independent journalists for reporting or filming activities inside a hospitals where they accused the Regime of mishandling and hiding the true number of fatalities amidst coronavirus outbreak. The regime has also been seriously accused by the experts of not doing quarantine despite rampant outbreak.

The independent journalists have reported from within Iran that Iranians died from coronavirus infection have been buried in secret funerals. They also estimated that the number of infected in Tehran alone may reach 750,000 people in less than two months due to inadequate quarantine measures.

Iran’s regime despite displaying remarkable ineptitude to handle the coronavirus crisis and yet has rejected an offer of humanitarian aid from the U.S. government, calling it “ridiculous." 

Iranian Regime is completely failed to abide by the WHO Global Strategy to Reduce the coronavirus cases as such we request the WHO:

·       To demand the Iranian Regime to promptly end deceiving the people of Iran and the international community and swiftly announce the accurate number of infected cases, the correct number of fatalities due to coronavirus and the true scale of crisis,

·       to demand the Iranian Regime the transparency in dealing with coronavirus crisis,  

·       scaled up the delivery of the medical supplies for which according to the reports there are severe shortage, including:

                         i.         test kits,

                       ii.         medical grade face masks,

                      iii.         protective equipment,

                      iv.         cardiopulmonary support equipment

We finally call on the WHO to spare no effort to put an end to the intolerable sufferings of the Iranian people. Failure in that task would be a tragedy to shame us all.



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