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Road accident is a global tragedy with ever rising trends. According to WHO, road traffic injuries will be the fifth cause of death by 2030 more than tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Global efforts toward safer roads, to “stabilize and reduce” (UN Decade actions 2011-2020), than to adopt Vision 0, Sustainable Mobility, ITS and to satisfy Targets (2-12) (UN Decade actions 2020-2030), are for a crucial need to stop ROAD TERROR.

Africa the continent with the highest level of underdeveloped and developing countries, with more than 19% of global youth, is unfortunately the most impacted continent by road traffic injuries despite being the least motorized region – with only 2.3% of the world’s vehicles – Africa has the highest road traffic fatality rates in the world: 26.6 per 100,000 people. This translates to 650 deaths per day, half which involve vulnerable road users such as young people, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Many dreams are not fulfilled, many stories are quickly over, tears have flowed and breaths have stopped. STOP ROAD TERROR

In Africa many association and organization work in order to improve the road safety in the continent, they have had a large experience like The Tunisian Association of Road Accident Prevention, created from 1962, The African Observatory for Road Safety created in 2018 is the leader in term of data collection and analysis, it is ultimately a networking platform through which actors and end-users can contact experts, submit their questions or data and exchange knowledge and experience.

All efforts are of the utmost importance, everyone must contribute in order to make road safety a priority.

UN Decade Actions for road safety is our chance to raise awareness and to save lives, African citizens worth life, support safer roads, support the right to live, support Africa.