End Psychopharmacology. Stop use of Forced Bio-Psychiatric 'treatments'

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End Psychopharmacology. Stop use of Forced Bio-Psychiatric 'treatments'

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M Wajid started this petition to Commission on Human Medicines and

Contrary to popular belief Lobotomies are still being given and forced onto patients. They are now called antipsychotic 'medication' and are seen by doctors worldwide as treatment when in fact they are just Chemical Lobotomies. 

The use of Anti-psychotic (neuroleptic) drugs is increasing in adults and more disturbingly in children and becoming more widespread into other areas as they are given as medication to dementia patients and even sleep problems etc. as well as being forced onto anyone who is held under the Mental Health Act.  

'VIRTUALLY ALL persons who go to psychiatrists are put on one or more drugs. However, psychiatric drugs, which are unpredictable and extremely deadly, do not cure anything, and instead destroy the life of the person who takes them.'

Bio-Psychiatric so called 'treatments' are used to harm and disable people by psychiatrist in nearly all parts of the world using coercion or force.  They include psychiatric drugs such as Anti-psychotics (neuroleptics) and Anti-depressants also known as SSRI's. 

We need a change in laws to stop brain destroying drugs being given and forced onto anyone in the name of 'treatment', even people who have been determined to lack mental capacity.   In particular Bio-psychiatric 'treatments' which have no real scientific evidence base only false manipulated statistics and are the most harmful. 

I understand severely psychotic and mentally unwell people who may be seen as a danger to themselves or others, that people will want them to be detained and sedated at times.  But nothing justifies using psychiatric drugs which will destroy their brains permanently.  Detaining them may be necessary but forcing psychotropic or any other medication which will harm their brain is wrong no matter how unwell they are.  Although most people with mental illness including psychosis are not violent.

False trials are used to prove the false efficacy of these so called treatments, as registering trials is not a requirement any trial a company does which gives a bad result is hidden and not published and another carried out until they get the result they want, which often involves covering their negative effects and exaggerations in their effectiveness along with other fraudulent techniques in manipulating the data, not only are they not effective they are extremely harmful.  Then professionals such as doctors and academics like university professors are paid to promote these drugs and validate them and these are the people who should be scrutinizing the results of the trials but they don’t.  Thus by taking advantage of the flawed process into to getting drugs approved.  They claim that they are evidence based treatments, when the evidence is fabricated.  The Doctors who prescribe them and force treatment on people are convinced that psychiatric drugs are medication.  And will not listen to you if you were to complain about their harm, saying that you don't understand the illness or you are delusional if you continue to do so.  

They get away with this because they are doctors and you are labelled a mental patient, and the damaging effects on the brain are not easily visible to others and are usually confused for psychological problems or the negative symptoms of mental illness, so you can not complain, as nobody will believe you.  If it was any other illness they would not get away with it so easily. And psychiatric drugs are very difficult to stop taking because of their horrible withdrawal side effects which include withdrawal psychosis, as this may not happen for some weeks after you have stopped, it will be interpreted as your original symptoms returning. 

The people who have been most damaged by these drugs will not be able to speak out against psychiatry as evidence as they have either been turned into vegetables and silenced or killed themselves because of the unbearable permanent disease the so called 'medication' causes and then everyone thinks it was because of their mental illness that made them suicidal, and this reinforces the false belief that these brain destroying drugs are any good.

As they can damage the brain permanently even in a short space of time.  They should be banned permanently.  

Stay away from the mental health system including hospitals until forced Bio-Psychiatric treatments are banned, even if you are extremely mentally unwell, what they do to you will be a million times worse and most likely permanent.  The only way I can describe damage from anti-psychotic 'medication' is like being brain dead but you are still living, like a vegetable.  

These are some of the words people use to describe them

Chemical Cosh

Chemical Straightjacket

Chemical Lobotomy

As they harm allot of people who take them including myself permanently. I find it hard to believe that they could damage me so severely and help others. So basically anyone who says it helped them just got lucky that it did not harm them in the same way.  At best it is masking the problem for the lucky ones but they also still get damaged by it and the problem is extended into a lifelong illness which is millions of times worse than the actual mental illness.

If you feel you are getting any benefit from these drugs then there is nothing stopping you from taking them.  The people who it severely harms are still forced to take it.  Because they have an incorrect well established fraudulent view that it is the same as taking insulin for diabetes.  

I don't want it to happen to anyone else ever.  If it helped me, why would I be against it. I would thank them for it and ask for more.

This is not about the horrible side effects or risk benefit ratio.  This is not even medication.  This is much more serious problem than just a bad treatment.  These drugs are plain brain destroying chemicals.

The only risk to benefit they consider is the risk of being sued so they set aside money for that as its just business not health care and they know they will not be caught only fined and warning put on the box but they will still be able to sell it as though it is medicine. 

Psychiatric so called 'medications' are just brain damaging drugs prescribed coercively or forced onto patients in most parts of the world including the NHS in the UK and in the US by all mainstream psychiatrists as the belief in the Bio-Psychiatric treatments is very strong as its endorsed by doctors.  

Bio-psychiatric 'treatments' which include Anti-Psychotic drugs are the modern day equivalent to a Lobotomy.  And must be stopped accordingly by acknowledging the extreme harm they cause.  

Sorry for this poorly written petition, it is difficult to write and explain this extremely important problem caused by brain destroying psychiatric so called ‘medications’.  


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