Iran’s government must take actions immediately to stop spreading COVID-19 in Iran.

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As everybody knows, different countries are doing their best to stop spreading this deadly virus but in Iran things work the opposite. At the beginning, the government was complicit in spreading the virus all over the country and now does not take any action to stop spreading it.

We as Iranian youths want to condemn Iran’s government over its inattention regarding the COVID-19.

Here is a list of reasons:

First, Iranian government was not loyal to people and did not tell the truth about the existence of virus in the country at the beginning. This was because the existence of first case of COVID-19 and the parliamentary elections happened to be at the same time. The Iran’s government does not value citizens’ health care and wanted people to come to vote. This lead COVID-19 to spread more.

Second, after a while the government was forced to confess that “yes the virus is here”, but still they did not take any action in order to stop this deadly virus. The government did not give doctors and nurses needed equipments in hospitals. In some hospitals doctors did not even have hand sanitizers and masks. This caused so many nurses and doctors like Narjes Khanalizadeh in Milad Hospital to die because of this virus.

Third, the government did not close country’s borders. Flights were not cancelled for a long time. This lead to massive increase in the number of COVID-19 cases inside and outside the country.

Fourth, the government is still lying both to people and even to WHO team dispatched to Iran. The number of deaths due to COVID-19 has surpassed 4500 and mass graves are being dug to bury the dead. The government just showed only a couple of private hospitals to the team. Those hospitals are for authorities, not for general public like us.

Personally I saw a COVID-19 patient who was lying in front of the hospital door and hospital staff could not take the patient in. Because the government did not support the hospitals and doctors and hospitals mostly did not have enough beds for patients.

Fifth, the government does not help COVID-19 patients, they do not give them necessary treatments and force patients to pay money in order to be in hospital and taken care of. This is against human rights. This is a crime against humanity.

So many people get the virus in Iran till now and the government does not still take enough actions to stop the spreading of COVID-19 and put people’s lives in danger.

We as youths who are worried about our families in Iran request international organizations and WHO to force Iran’s governmentin order to put a stop to this pandemic.