Include "2Dsexuality" (or Bidimensexuality) as a valid gender and sexual orientation

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As homosexuals who can't be biological parents because of a technical impairment not yet solved, we, the ones who loves our waifus and husbandos, are unnable to reach them given the actual barriers between bidimensional world and ours.  

We are not sick, we just realize that 2D world is the answer to our dreams and passions, we are 2Disexuals or Bidimensexuals, common people with romantic feelings for 2D people.

Love is not wrong, no matter the shape or the color, so we advocate for 2 causes:

  1. Acceptance of waifus/husbando's love and romantic atracction as a valid sexual orientantion, and a gender expresion
  2. More funding on multiverse exploration, and Mind Uploading, as a way to end such a sad socio-technical injustice.