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In the end, let the final decision be yours!

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Every human being deserves to live and enjoy the fruits of life till the very end. But at times, an individual has to end their life by the use of unnatural means. When a person ends their life by their own act it is known as 'suicide' but assisted ending of someone's life based on their will, consent and request is called 'euthanasia'. 

Euthanasia truly signifies 'good death'. It is essential to achieve the death of an individual in a critical condition that can calmly wind up their life and can turn out to be less agonizing for the patient. The foremost aim of euthanasia is to vow a less excruciating death to a man who in any case is going to bite of the dust after a long stretch of despair. 

In an immediate case of Aruna Shanbaug, who was found to be living in a permanent vegetable state. However, her brain was found to be functioning a little. She worked as a nurse in KEM hospital and was admitted there itself where utmost care was given to her by the hospital staff. After getting a deeper insight of the case, a social activist suggested permitting euthanasia. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court denied the option of euthanasia for Ms. Shanbaug, because 'they had no clear indication of Aruna Shanbaug's views or wishes' stated by the judges.

Listed below are some arguments for legalising euthanasia: 

  • One school of thought argues that it should be allowed keeping in mind the fact that the life of a person is taken away by his own consent. The interest of the individual should outweigh the interest of the society. 
  • Euthanasia provides a way to relieve the intolerably extreme pain and suffering of an individual. It relieves the terminally ill people from a lingering death. It not only relives the unbearable pain of a patient but also relieves the relatives of a patient from the mental agony.

  • Euthanasia respects the individual’s right to self-determination or his right to privacy. Not allowing euthanasia would come down to forcing people to suffer against their will, which would be cruel and a negation of their human rights and dignity. 

Today, Ms Shanbaug has forever changed India's approach to the contentious issue of euthanasia. The verdict on her case today allows passive euthanasia. However, the court has only made euthanasia legal to patients who are in persistent vegetable state or are terminally ill.

In the view of the above discussion, I believe that euthanasia should be given primary focus in all cases because the right to die with dignity is justifiable. The arguments presented stand on their own if considered with an open mind. Despite the claims of those who oppose voluntary euthanasia, they do not know what is better for terminally ill patients more than the patients themselves. The rights of an individual must prevail.

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